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Table of Contents for
Racisms in a Multicultural Canada: Paradoxes, Politics, and Resistance by Augie Fleras


Section 1: Reappraising Racism

Chapter 1 The Politics of Racism: Evolving Realities, Shifting Discourses

Chapter 2 Reconceptualizing Racism: From Racism 1.0 to Racisms 2.0

Chapter 3 The Riddles of Race

Chapter 4 Deconstructing Racism: Prejudice, Discrimination, Power

Section 2: How Racisms Work: Sectors and Expressions

Chapter 5 Interpersonal Racisms

Chapter 6 Institutional Racisms

Chapter 7 Ideological Racisms

Chapter 8 Infrastructural Racisms

Chapter 9 Ivory Tower Racisms: An Intersectoral Analysis

Section 3: Explaining Racisms, Erasing Racisms

Chapter 10 Contesting Racisms: Causes, Continuities, Costs, and Consequences

Chapter 11 Rooting Out Racisms: Anti-racism Intervention

Chapter 12 Official Multiculturalism: Anti-racism or Another Racism?

Chapter 13 Summary and Conclusion: Inconvenient Truths/Comforting Fictions