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Table of Contents for
Critical Collaborations: Indigeneity, Diaspora, and Ecology in Canadian Literary Studies, edited by Smaro Kamboureli and Christl Verduyn

Introduction | Smaro Kamboureli

Belief as/in Methodology as/in Form: Doing Justice to CanLit Studies | Roy Miki

Trans-Systemic Constitutionalism in Indigenous Law and Knowledge | Sa’ke’j Henderson

The Accidental Witness: Indigenous Epistemologies and Spirituality as Resistance in Eden Robinson’s Monkey Beach | Julia Emberley

Ambidextrous Epistemologies: Indigenous Knowledge within the Indigenous Renaissance | Marie Battiste

Epistemologies of Respect: A Poetics of Asian/Indigenous Relation | Larissa Lai

Acts of Nature: Literature, Excess, and Environmental Politics | Catriona Sandilands

Ecocriticism in the Unregulated Zone | Cheryl Lousley

Disturbance-Loving Species: Habitat Studies, Ecocritical Pedagogy, and Canadian Literature | Laurie Ricou

Translocal Representation: Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance, Nello “Tex” Vernon-Wood, and CanLit | Julie Rak

Jazz, Diaspora, and the History and Writing of Black Anglophone Montreal | Winfried Siemerling

Tradition and Pluralism in Contemporary Acadia | François Paré

Critical Allegiances | Christl Verduyn


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