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Table of Contents for
Understanding and Addressing Girls’ Aggressive Behviour Problems, edited by Debra J. Pepler and H. Bruce Ferguson

Introduction: A Focus on Relationships | Debra J. Pepler and H. Bruce Ferguson

1. Different Paths to Aggression for Girls and Boys | Dale F. Hay, Lisa Mundy, and Kathryn Hudson

2. Adult Health Outcomes of Girls with Anti-Social Behaviour Problems | Candice L. Odgers

3. Commentary: The Development of Girls’ Aggression in Different Stages | M. Stouthamer-Loeber

4. Some Key Issues in the Early Development of Aggression in Girls | Rolf Loeber, Magda Stouthamer-Loeber, Alison E. Hipwell, Jeffrey D. Burke, and Deena R. Battista

5. Webs of Strength and Resistance: Hearing Aboriginal Adolescent Girls Telling Their Stories | Susan D. Dion

6. Commentary: The Role of Anger in Aggression | Wendy M. Craig

7. Using Evidence to Reduce the Bullying Behaviour Experienced by Girls | Donna Cross, Therese Shaw, Helen Monks, Stacey Waters, and Leanne Lester

8. Matching the Prevention of Interpersonal Aggression to Critical Developmental and Contextual Transitions in Middle School | Bonnie Leadbeater

9. Commentary: School-Based Interventions | Leena Augimeri and Margaret Walsh

10. Understanding Relational Aggression in Elementary School Girls: Implications for Intervention | Tina Daniels and Danielle Quigley

11. Reducing Risk of Adolescent Aggression and Violence: A Brief Attachment-Focused Treatment Program for Parents and Caregivers | Marlene M. Moretti and Ingrid Obsuth

12. Commentary: Common and Unique Intervention Targets for Girls’ Aggression | Isabela Granic

Conclusion: The Capacity of Relationships and Capacity for Relationships | Debra Pepler and Bruce Ferguson