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Table of Contents for
Traditions and Transitions: Curricula for German Studies, edited by John L. Plews and Barbara Schmenk

Traditions and Transitions: On Broadening the Visibility and Scope of Curriculum Inquiry for German Studies | John L. Plews and Barbara Schmenk

The Translingual / Transcultural Imagination | Claire Kramsch

Language on Loan: Meditations on the Emotional World of Language Learning and Teaching | Alice J. Pitt

Postsecondary Germanistik, or German as a Foreign Language in Canada from a Postcolonial Perspective | John L. Plews

Revamping the Language Program in Euro Terms: The Textbook as Key Factor | Barbara Schmenk

Zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen fragen Sie lieber nicht Ihren Theoretiker: Kommunikative Orientierung der Fremdsprachendidaktik und Deutsch als Fremdsprache auerhalb des deutschsprachigen Raums | Dietmar Rösler

Pronunciation Training Without the Native Speaker? Reframing Teaching and Learning Objectives in German as a Foreign Language Curricula | Mareike Müller

Multilinguals in the Language Classroom and Curricular Consequences | Grit Liebscher

Bilingual Texts as Bridges to Reading Comprehension and Language and Cultural Awareness | Suzanne Even and David Dollenmayer

Reflective Curriculum Construction in the Postmethod Era: Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations and Their Contributions to Language Education | Allison Cattell

Literatur Liberated from Wissenschaft: Writerly Approaches to Literature Across the Undergraduate German Curriculum | Morgan Koerner

Pedagogies of Affect and Lived Place: Reading Der Vorleser on a Short-Term Intensive Immersion | Kim Fordham Misfeldt

Gerade Dir hat er eine Botschaft gesendet: Contact Pragmatics and the Teaching of Foreign Language Texts | Chantelle Warner and David Gramling

Connecting Languaging and Knowing Through Genres: Exemplifying the Link in a Curricular Progression | Marianna Ryshina-Pankova

Developing and Assessing a Curriculum for a Midsize German Cultural Studies Program in Canada | Cheryl Dueck and Stephan Jaeger

Computers and Language Learning in German Studies | Mathias Schulze

Digital Participatory Culture and German Language Pedagogy | Glenn S. Levine

Introducing Blended Learning into Tertiary-Level German: An Activity Theoretical Analysis | Gillian Martin, Helen O’Sullivan, and Breffni O’Rourke

The Triumph of the Transferable: Fostering Transferable Skills in the Foreign Language Classroom | Deirdre Byrnes

Student Ambassadors for Languages in the UK Context: From the Extracurricular to the Curricular | Elizabeth A. Andersen and Ruth O’Rourke Magee

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