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Table of Contents for
From Meteorite Impact to Constellation City: A Historical Geography of Greater Sudbury by Oiva W. Saarinen

List of Illustrations

List of Biographiess

Preface and Acknowledgments

1. The Unfolding of the Natural Landscape

2. The Aboriginal/Colonial Frontier

3. Drawing Lines on the Map

4. Forging of a Local Monopoly: From Prospectors and Speculators to the International Nickel Company (1883–1902)

5. Sudbury (1883–1939)

6. Copper Cliff (1886–1939)

7. From Local to Global Monopoly: The Merging of Inco and Mond (1902–1928)

8. Beyond Sudbury and Copper Cliff: Railway Stations, Mining Camps, Smelter Sites, and Company Towns

9. Beyond Sudbury and Copper Cliff: Forestry, Agriculture, Indian Reserves, and the Burwash Industrial Farm

10. From Falconbridge Nickel and Inco to Xstrata Nickel and Vale Canada (1928–2012)

11. From Company Town Setting to Regional Constellation (1939–1973)

12. From Regional Constellation to Greater Sudbury (1973–2001+)

13. A Union Town?

14. Healing the Landscape

15. Beyond a Rock and a Hard Place