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The Cross and the Rising Sun

The British Protestant Missionary Movement in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, 1865-1945

A. Hamish Ion

Hardcover 336 pp.

ISBN13: 978-0-88920-218-4

Release Date: March 1993


Hardcover edition is out of print.  

Paper 336 pp.

ISBN13: 978-1-55458-216-7

Release Date: September 2009

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The influx of Protestant missionaries from Britain to Japan, Korea and Taiwan was an integral part of the British presence in East Asia from 1865 to 1945. Ion draws on both British and Japanese sources to examine the life, work and attitudes of the British missionaries, women and men, who ventured far from their homeland to preach the gospel. He explores the role played by British Protestants as both Christian missionaries and informal ambassadors of their own country and civilization. Through their educational, social and medical work the missionaries helped introduce Western ideas and social pursuits which in turn affected different facets of society and culture in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The study illustrates how the British missionaries’ intent to introduce Christianity was affected by the response of the East Asians to Western ideas.

In describing the high drama of the British missionary movement’s pioneering days in the late nineteenth century to its persecution during the late 1930s, Ion casts light on a particular, yet important, aspect of the changing tides of Anglo-Japanese relations. This book will ably complement his previous study of Canadian missionaries in East Asia during the same period.

Chosen as one of the 15 outstanding books of 1993 for mission studies by the International Bulletin of Missionary Research.

A. Hamish Ion teaches in the History Department, Royal Military College of Canada. He is a specialist in modern Japanese history. Among his previous publications is The Cross and the Rising Sun: The Canadian Protestant Missionary Movement in the Japanese Empire, 1872–1931.