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The Language of Canadian Politics

A Guide to Important Terms and Concepts

4th Edition

John McMenemy

Paper 436 pp.

ISBN13: 978-0-88920-503-1

Release Date: April 2006

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With nearly 600 cross-referenced entries, The Language of Canadian Politics offers brief essays on the many facets of the Canadian political system, including institutions, events, laws, concepts, and public policies. Concisely written, it is an important resource for people interested in contemporary politics, as well as those interested in the historic context of contemporary political behaviour. Readers not familiar with Canadian government and politics will find the book an invaluable introduction; others will welcome this updated indispensable reference.

The fourth edition builds on the strengths of earlier editions. Almost every entry has been revised to reflect contemporary Canadian political events, and many new ones have been added. The results and immediate aftermath of the 2006 federal election are included in various updated entries. There are entries on the merged Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance parties as well as new entries on the Anti-Terrorist Act, the Public Safety Act, and the Council of the Federation. The Sponsorship Scandal and the Gomery reports are included in several entries. There is new information on National Security Certificates, and the O’Connor inquiry into the "extraordinary rendition" of Maher Arar comprises part of the revised material on commissions of inquiry. As a further resource, Internet sites have been added to many of the entries.

John McMenemy, a professor of political science at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, has published in the areas of Canadian political parties and provincial government, urban government and politics, and political communication. He is the author of previous editions of The Language of Canadian Politics and for many years was administrative editor of the Canadian Journal of Political Science.


“All students of Canadian politics will want this thorough, cross-referenced guide to our surprisingly complex political landscape by political scientist McMenemy. The first mini-essay, interestingly, is on Accountability.”

— Martin Levin, The Globe and Mail