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The World of Niagara Wine

Michael Ripmeester, Phillip Gordon Mackintosh, and Christopher Fullerton, editors

Paper 295 pp.

ISBN13: 978-1-55458-360-7

Release Date: August 2013

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The World of Niagara Wine is a transdisciplinary exploration of the Niagara wine industry. In the first section, contributors explore the history and regulation of wine production as well as its contemporary economic significance. The second section focuses on the entrepreneurship behind and the promotion and marketing of Niagara wines. The third introduces readers to the science of grape growing, wine tasting, and wine production, and the final section examines the social and cultural ramifications of Niagara’s increasing reliance on grapes and wine as an economic motor for the region.

The original research in this book celebrates and critiques the local wine industry and situates it in a complex web of Old World traditions and New World reliance on technology, science, and taste as well as global processes and local sociocultural reactions. Preface by Konrad Ejbich.

Michael Ripmeester, Phillip Gordon Mackintosh, and Christopher Fullerton are faculty members in the Department of Geography at Brock University.


“An academic paper on the Grande Parade? Hey, it’s about time.... It’s one article of many contained in a recently published book, The World of Niagara Wine.... Through 18 articles penned by 18 different writers, the book examines the history, business, science and culture of wine in Niagara. While some of the writings delve deeply into wine geekdom, most are accessible to the average slurper, and offer thought-provoking takes on the industry.”

— Doug Herod, The Standard (St. Catharines)

“What sets The World of Niagara Wine apart is its voice and its perspective. It is authored by a group of deeply curious academics who have an abiding passion for wine and for all that happens in the Niagara Peninsula. This book is the fruit, so to speak, of their labour of love.... Leafing once again through the manuscript to write these words, I feel as if I’m sitting in on a roundtable discussion with a group of like-minded folks, all talking about wines while sipping some. In fact, I recommend the same for you. Get yourself a glass of something local before curling up with this book to listen in on the conversation.”

— Konrad Ejbich, from the preface