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Image and Territory

Essays on Atom Egoyan

Monique Tschofen and Jennifer Burwell, editors

Film and Media Studies

Paper 426 pp.

ISBN13: 978-0-88920-487-4

Release Date: October 2006

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In a culture that often understands formal experimentation or theoretical argument to be antithetical to pleasure, Atom Egoyan has nevertheless consistently appealed to wide audiences around the world. If films like The Adjuster, Calendar, Exotica, and The Sweet Hereafter have ensured him international cult status as one of the most revered of all contemporary directors, Egoyan’s forays into installation art and opera have provided evidence of his versatility and confirmed his talents.

Image and Territory: Essays on Atom Egoyan is both scholarly and accessible. Indispensable for the scholar, student, and fan, this collection of new essays and interviews from leading film and media scholars unpacks the central arguments, tensions, and paradoxes of his work and traces their evolution. It also locates his work within larger intellectual and artistic currents in order to consider how he takes up and answers critical debates in politics, philosophy, and aesthetics. Most importantly, it addresses how his work is both intellectually engaging and emotionally moving.

Monique Tschofen is an associate professor in the English department at Ryerson University, Toronto. She is editor of Kristjana Gunnars: Essays on Her Work, and the author of articles and book chapters on Atom Egoyan, Robert Lepage, Anne Carson, and other Canadian artists. She is currently working on a monograph about early Canadian torture narratives.
Jennifer Burwell is an associate professor in the Department of English at Ryerson University and author of Notes on Nowhere: Feminism, Utopian Logic, and Social Transformation. Burwell’s current research explores the relationships among discursive logics, communications technologies, and the historical development of a market economy.


“An excellent book; each of the essays is well thought out and deals with complex issues in an exemplary academic matter.... I would highly recommend the book to anyone interested in Egoyan’s films and in the many contradictions and paradoxes of postmodern life that he evokes.”

— Mary Alemany-Galway, Topia

“The editors’ introductions to each section are particularly smart and insightful, identifying Egoyan’s chief preoccupations as an artist in terms of trauma, absence, substitution, displacement, denial, inversion, and negation.”

— J. Belton, Rutgers, CHOICE

“Editors Tschofen and Burwell have divided their book into four sections ... each preceded by a thoughtful introduction by the co-editors, and concluding with the most complete Egoyan filmography yet published in a non-bibliographical study. This is an impressively thoughtful assemblage of texts.... Tschofen and Burwell also deserve credit for relying almost exclusively on Canadian critics for input.... Atom Egoyan is nor more generically North American than Ingmar Bergman is generically European.... Image and Territory is both useful and impressive, and belongs on the shelf of any cinephile interested in the work of the king of Armenian Canadian directors.”

— Mark Harris, Canadian Literature